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Trends 2013

Own house, original interiors and unique climate…. Everyone dreams about our own and unique space. But when our dreams and plans are about to come true, we also seem to face some dilemmas. What to choose? What to decide when our head is filled with dozens of ideas?What about following the latest trends? 2013 has brought a new wave of white and its various shades, cornflower blue and silver greyness – these colours are especially spotted within interiors. They are also accompanied by energetic colours of yellow, red and oranges. Fashionable colours are characteristic of elegant lightness, freshness and young character. We are not afraid of contrasts in interiors of 2013 – stronger greyness with snow-white, warm red with cool light blue or colourful pastels from 1950s. We draw our inspirations from many sources – ecological architecture, modernism design, Hollywood style, art deco or futurist materials and technologies. Regardless of what we will decide,  a new colour will refresh our interiors as well as our state of mind, allowing us to look ahead with optimism…