Dostępny asortyment oraz aktualności mogą różnić się w zależności od kraju. Dlatego wybór języka powiązany jest krajem pobytu przy wyborze strony producenta.

Jeśli wybieresz przeglądanie w języku polskim a przebywasz na terenie Rosji - asortyment podany na stronie może różnić się od dostępnego.

Close to the nature with a new collection of colours

11 April 2013
What colours will appear in 2013 in our homes? In a revived palette of Barwy Natury paint, there are 11 new inspiring shades, where light grey and gentle pastels seem to dominate. When combining them it will not only be a modern choice but also very comfortable one. Thanks to the latest colour proposition of Sniezka, we can make our interiors look fashionable and ‘light’.

Apart from well known and reliable colours of Sniezka Barwy Natury collection, there have emerged new shades which match perfectly the latest world trends and at the same time, are an expression of changes which take place in Polish flats as far as colour selection is concerned. The names of new colours ideally reflect both cool and a bit warmer image of the nature: Silence at dawn, Winter landscape, Cornflower clearing, Hydrangea petals, Silver maple, Stony coast, Sunny hill, Macadamia nut, Mountain path, Wind caress and Azalea trout… sound as an invitation to a great journey. 
Thanks to Sniezka Barwy Natury collection, everybody can create a colour composition derived directly  from the nature which brilliantly combines warm colours with grey shades. 
New colours match each other perfectly and due to their ‘calm nature’ can also constitute a background for interesting combinations with other colours and allow to create a real paradise of the nature in your home!