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Colours of the autumn

23 September 2013
Polish autumn emanates the whole range of colours, evoking nostalgia, joy, warmth and even a feeling of safety. Colours of the nature carry diverse emotions and can provide you with inspirations as far as interior arrangements are concerned. The colours of the autumn weather have been collected in the collection of paints – ‘Colours of the nature’.

Acorns in various shades 
The autumn is a time of nostalgia but whenever the sun shines, each colour begins to bask in its rays. During the autumn walk nobody passes acorns indifferently which are ripening in the shade of golden leaves. Each of them has a different shade, the closer to the sun the more tanned. It’s worth being inspired by rich colours of acorns and immortalize them upon our walls. Sniezka’s paint ‘Fragrant cinnamon’ from the collection of ‘Colours of the nature’, will warm up the interiors, making us more open-minded. Such a brown colour is pleasant, cosy and associated with a hot mug of chocolate during a cool evening. 

The nature of autumn flowers 
Moor is a one of the most beautiful sights in the autumn mountains. Stretches of gentle violet always remain in our memories as a fable-like carpet. ‘Autumn moor’ in your house can ornament the living room, supporting the brain function. Light surfaces can boost your humour when it gets dark pretty soon as well as motivate you to perform intellectual work despite the autumn depression.   

Fruit paradise 
Some plum varieties ripen just in the autumn, colouring into pink and violet colour. The depth of their colour enchants, ideally matching with the morning light. Within interiors we can emphasise it by combining colour ‘Heather Valley’ with ‘Water Lily’ colour – the first one eliminates tension, introducing a bit of balance and the second one improves our mood and helps us to relax.     

Every chestnut differs from one another… 

Vivid green grass in the autumn seems to change as well, putting on more muted colours. South winds mix it with a bit of yellow, making the lawn an ideal background, emphasising a brown palette of chestnuts falling off from the trees. A combination of ‘Fragrant cinnamon’ with ‘South Wind’ in our rooms is one of the most modern at this time of the year. The aforementioned colours bring calmness and become a source of relaxation. 
Juicy grapes
The autumn also seems to implement revolution in summer colours – darkens, lightens, dims an even completely changes the colours of the nature. Approaching season of the year enchants by a rich palette of shades, in particular a green one: gliding but still green grass, tree leaves changing like a chameleon or juicy grapes in the shade of green tea, ripening in the south slopes of vineyards. Combining ‘South Wind’ with ‘Green Tea’ within our interiors, bring into our homes optimism, joy as well as calmness and a feeling of safety.   
More information about the collection of ‘Colours of the nature’, can be found at: www.barwy-natury.com.pl