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Jeśli wybieresz przeglądanie w języku polskim a przebywasz na terenie Rosji - asortyment podany na stronie może różnić się od dostępnego.

Journey in time with Sniezka colours – trends of 2013

19 March 2013
Modern premises in grey and white shades, traditional Paris apartments in a glamorous style and maybe going back to stylish interiors of 1950s and 60s? Sniezka has just announced colour trends for 2013! Original and fashionable combination of colours will take us on a real journey in time, both to the past as well as to…. the future!

Everybody loves modern interiors, ideal combinations can be found in Pure shape trend. It’s an ideal style for those who control perfectly their lives and surroundings, appreciating the beauty of details.  

White and grey premises with strong indigo and light blue features, calm and inspire us allowing to get rid of everyday thoughts as well as anxiety and confusion. Simple forms are dominant here and all unnecessary elements are hidden so as to emphasise design objects.   

Digital baroque is a style combining glamour with modern devices of the XXI century, giving the surroundings a drama and humorous character. Traditional forms and metallic and pearl surfaces are combined here with strong and intense colours.  

A strong personality counts in this trend, simultaneously endowed with a proper dose of laid-back and a sense of humour. Inspirations derived from real Paris interiors in combination with objects from the flea market allow to create incredible and fascinating spaces. Within such surroundings, the world is wide open for us!

The effect of even bigger sensitivity to strong relation of comfort definition with natural, environmentally friendly materials is Comfort Nature. An important material is wood which often preserves natural shapes, creates functional objects. 

Combining colours inspired by nature and devices coming from recycling makes impression of fully warm simplicity, where we can find peace and a feeling of safety.   

Everybody, who yearns for characteristic climate of the second half of the previous century, will find something for themselves in Retromania. This original trend allows to combine dig-out devices from attics from communism times, with modern furniture. 

This trend is accompanied by strong colours – matt red, cornflower blue, mustard yellow and sunny oranges. Interiors filled with this climate is full of contrasts, fresh and surprising. In the world, this style has gained a specific name - midcentury modern.  

Techno candies is a trend which reveals lightness and intensity of colours by strong contrasts: green and orange, red and blue, pink and orange.  

Snow white colour presence is also very important here which gains chromatic shades from vivid colours. In such premises plastic objects, LED illumination or simply varnished furniture in intense and contrast colours are welcomed. Nothing can reflect the most modern approach to the world!  
Each trend brings a different ideology – they vary from each other as far as the character is concerned, trying to overcome one another by proving which one is more original. All of them, however, have a lot of in common – they are created to chase the world which is going in a frenzy pace, and at the same not forgetting about their roots, deriving inspirations both from tradition and the beauty of nature.